Wild Birds in a Wind Farm: Image Dataset for Bird Detection

an image in the dataset





The annotation txt file have the following format:

image file name 1
x1,y1,w1,h1,(b, n, or u)
x2,y2,w2,h2,(b, n, or u)
x_n,y_n,w_n,h_n,(b, n, or u)
image file name 2
image file name n

In this file, "image file name n" means the name of image file. Following comma-separated lines are values describe the bounding boxes. The line of "x1,y1,w1,h1,(b, n, or u)" means a bounding box whose left-top point is (x1, y1), width is w1 and height is h1. The last character element represents the class of the bounding box: "b" means birds, "n" non-birds and "u" undefined objects. Read it in your program and you can use the labels for each bounding box.